Pursuing Pucallpa

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

We have just returned from Pucallpa, Peru where we traveled to several of the surrounding jungle villages.

I can’t say enough about the great team of missionaries that were with us. This trip was successful because of the help that each of them offered. We were able to have ministry sessions for children, men and women. We continued with our community outreach (Highway and Hedge) as well as many other facets that further the gospel of Christ.

On the first day we visited Calvary Chapel with Pastors Cesar & Brigette in Yarinachoca, Peru! As part of Highway and Hedge Ministry, we delivered food to the poor and shared the gospel with many in that area. The Lord sent His spirit out before us in this community and 21 people received Christ as their Lord and Savior.

On the second day we arose early to go to Manantay, Peru with Pastor Everett. During Highway and Hedge Ministry we visited a special lady who was Mormon. This lady could not physically get up on her own but as we were praying for her she was determined that she was going to respect the presence of the Lord by rising up. With the help of her daughter she scooted to the edge of her plyboard bed so that we could lay hands on her frail, exhausted, body. That moment affected all of us! We watched a woman desperate for Jesus, who could not move, who was bed ridden, desperate to stand and honor His presence. I think we were all challenged in this moment. How many times do we lack the desire to stand in His presence in our churches - but this woman was desperate and determined that she would receive Christ as her Savior and give all honor and respect to Him! To God be the glory for the testimony of this one lady who gave all she had - as the widow and her mite, this one woman had nothing but her respect and she did whatever it took to give it! Thank you Lord for the testimony of her! There were a total of eight souls that were saved there that day. We are in the process of building a water tower in this village as well.

On day three we arrived at the Fountain of Blessing Church of God where we were greeted with love and joy. This is the church that, by the grace of God, we were able to contribute to so that they could have a church of their own instead of wandering from building to building. What a mighty move of God we had in this church from the very beginning! From children's ministry to a women’s meeting to the testimony of the time the men were able to spend outside with the children that day. 16 salvation‘s in this one community! We witnessed healings and a great move of God on this day as He saved, delivered, and set captives free!

The Holy Spirit came into the church and settled on all of us! We stood in awe of His presence.

On day four we traveled to the community of Light and Peace with Pastors Fidel and Bibiana Ruiz. Another wonderful day from beginning to end! 54 accepting Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior! He again shows us His perfect love by rescuing those who think they are not worthy rescuing. May we always remember His mercy towards us!

On day five we visited two communities. We began in the community of Hoyada. This community that breaks my heart each visit! I do not have the exact number, I only know of the 7 conversions that I witnessed take place. While in Hoyada, we split up into four groups with our driver/guards and translators so that we could hurry as this can be a unsecure place. This is a place that needs the love and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

We saw horrific things there; children sleeping in the dirt, moms crying because they don’t have food, houses made of cardboard and trash. Things you can’t explain with words or pictures. It’s an experience that you can only understand by being there. Our work here is not finished! I believe in my heart that it’s only the beginning. We ask that everyone continue to pray for Hoyada!

God has a plan and it’s stirring in our hearts but until He shows us the way and gives us the resources, we must wait.

We pray.

We feed.

We do our best to show them Jesus Christ. We do our best to spread His gospel, the good news, the hope, the joy of Jesus Christ!

One on one in a community that is forgotten!

A community sitting in the center of the sewer!

May God have mercy on them and on us!

May He guide each and every footstep, each and every action!

Continue to pray for complete direction on His next steps in Hoyada! Continue to pray for His will for this community!

Last, but certainly not least, we visited Garcia. Knowing that these children have never received anything other than the gifts from McDonald’s that we took last year as Christmas presents, the Lord moved on our entire team to take up an offering for them to receive new clothes, new shoes, toys, pizza and birthday cake to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We used this as an opportunity to explain the true meaning of Christmas! 53 received Christ that day, before any other gifts were offered! Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice of leaving all of Heaven and it’s splendor to be our first and very best gift!

The excitement was here that day especially when those children opened their gifts to find shoes! Tennis shoes, something they had never, ever owned before in their lives! Our hearts exploded at the joy and excitement that they exhibited to receive “real” shoes! Our hearts will never be the same after watching them receive these gifts (especially the girls at the little glitter sparkly shoes). 43 kids were so excited over $7 pairs of shoes!

They ate so much pizza and so much birthday cake that it began to worry me they would be sick. Some had never eaten birthday cake before. Knowing that the first cake some of them experienced was in celebration of Jesus Christ made this experience even sweeter.

To God be the glory for every single thing that happened. My mind has still not completely processed all of it but I had to share it with all of our Isaiah 58 family. We love you, we are thankful for the contributions, for the prayers, and for the love, that you continue to bless us with. May the God of all mercy and grace be exalted through each and every one of us!


28 children in Ceopas

16 women at fountain of Blessing

15 women Luz y Paz

38 kids in Luz y Paz

21 Cesar H&H

5 Ceopas H&H

7 Hoyada

46 Garcia kids

7 women in Garcia

3 water tower


186 total

7 communities fed

50 Bibles given away


Tammy Owens

Isaiah 58 Ministries

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