Commissioning Colombia

Greeting Isaiah 58 family!

We have recently returned from an exploratory trip to Colombia where we were exposed to several avenues of ministry. We enjoyed all of our days visiting this area but not all days presented opportunities for expanding our ministry. However, on day four, that all changed as we arrived in the Amazon jungle city of Leticia. Leticia is a city only accessible by airplane or boat as it lays alongside of the mighty Amazon.

In Leticia we met Pastors Herbert and Luz. The church that they hold service in was built by Pastor Herbert himself.

We were able to travel to a village called Fantasy Island. There is no church in Fantasy Island and all of the dwellings are built entirely on stilts. When we were there, we were able to walk across a narrow bridge on stilts to gain access to this area but it floods often and can only be accessed by boat. While in Fantasy Island, Ruben and Rich ministered to the children and their mothers who later come to me for prayer. 35 were saved in Fantasy Island that day! This village has no money, no simple pleasures and they had no hope. But, by the leading of God, we were able to visit and share with them the hope of Jesus Christ. Here is where we felt God opening a door for an expansion of Isaiah 58’s ministry.

Later that day we visited an indigenous village called el Puchina at Km 18. Here they are allowed to rent the bottom portion of a small structure to hold church services; they are renting from the man who lives in the upper portion. They have an opportunity to purchase this entire structure for $1,600. This would allow them to use the upper part of the structure for ministry as well.

At the conclusion of this trip our hearts were heavy for this area and excited for the opportunity to expand the Isaiah 58 ministry in these areas of Colombia along the Amazon. We will be teaming up with the amazing Pastors there and helping them to further spread the good news of Jesus Christ.

We appreciate everything that each of you have given and continue to give. Without you, we could not reach the people who need Hope. In addition to your financial support, we ask that you pray for our ministry. Pray that God continues to provide for the areas that we are already supporting financially and spiritually. Pray that God opens doors for us to share the gospel of our Lord and Savior to those who have not had the opportunity to hear.

Now is the time, now is the hour for us to prepare for the return of our King! Will you partner with us as we fulfill the great commission to “go into all the world”?

In the love of Christ,

Isaiah 58 Ministries

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