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Newsletter for 2021 project 

Hello everyone,We have just returned from the jungles of Pucallpa Peru where we saw God move in many lives.  We had the opportunity to see familiar faces but we were also led to new areas where we were able to share the love of God with those there.  While on this trip, God showed us, without a doubt, what our vision for 2021 would be.God led us to the village of Garcia in the swamp lands of the Ucayali River.  This village, totally forgotten by its own government, has taken our hearts captive.  Garcia has no electricity, no running water, no school and no church.  They never knew “Christmas” until our arrival.  We were told they had never even been preached to.  God prepared their hearts for our visit and 52 received Christ in Garcia!Most of the women in this village have been raped or abandoned.  Widows are left without any help and have no way to provide for themselves.  Most of the single mothers leave their young children at home alone so that they can go out and do whatever it takes to provide food for themselves and their children.Isaiah 58 Ministries Board of Directors has discussed what wemustdo to help them and disciple them.  God has given us a vision for Garcia and the work needed to bring this vision to life for His glory!At this time, we will establish a church in the region.  This church will hold a feeding center and a place for widows and single mothers to obtain assistance.  This is to ensure that the women do not have to sell their bodies to provide food for their families.As we look forward to 2021, please be in prayer for this vision.  We invite you to consider partnering with us to see this vision become reality in the months ahead.  Any type of assistance that you can offer to Isaiah 58 Ministries will be sewn into God’s ground in the village of Garcia.  By the grace of God, our Isaiah 58 Ministries family and the kingdom of heaven continues to grow!

From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of Isaiah 58 Ministries

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