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Making A Difference


Isaiah 58 Ministries has begun a new avenue of ministry - called “Hilltop” Ministry. As many of you know in the Peruvian desert the earthquakes are frequent. There are no tress growing on the mountains to stop them from sliding and reeking havoc on the houses located there. Many elderly and mentally challenged persons live high on these hills. It is dangerous, but they can “squat” (live without purchasing) on this land for free. Their homes are put together from various trash items such as old tarps from the heap, rocks, weaved banana tree leaves, and other debris available. No churches, no water, no electricity, and no hope exists there, because no one is traveling those high places to tell them about Jesus. Until now. Our desire is to be disciples following the example of Christ, going from village to village spreading the good news, giving hope to the hopeless - through Him, and ask that you pray for this new branch of outreach. We believe that The Lord has directed us “To be the church” to these who are in such desperate need and compel them to come to know Christ through demonstrating His love and faithfulness to all. We believe the dinner bell is soon to sound for the great supper, while the Master is awaiting for the guests to fill the table. As His servants our prayer is to be in the lanes, streets, highways, and hedges laboring to fill each chair for the wedding banquet. God bless you and your family we appreciate and love you! May the God of all glory bless your comings and goings! May He fill you to overflowing in spirit and truth, and may His purpose in you be fulfilled In the blessed name of our Lord and Savior  Jesus Christ! Amen! Tammy 


Isaiah 58 is pleased to announce our newest addition in Incaico, Peru as the name suggest it was once a community of Inca, God has now made a way for it to be home to our newest Feeding Center! We feed 122 children daily. We are also constructing a new church and feeding center in the community of Manuel near Chao, Peru. The construction there is very time consuming for to the lack of electricity and water or modern conveniences. Water is bought and brought in by truck to complete the earthquake proof construction.  When this construction is finished we will feed more hungry children, bringing the total to 180 children per day



Non-profit news 

Isaiah 58 Ministries has built four separate feeding centers for children in Peru, as well as, three churches. Located the communities of Chimbote, Guadalupito, Laderas Del Sur, Campo Nuevo, and Pucallpa.. Stay tuned for Incaico and Manuel/ Chao Peru. 


June 9, 2019

Through local outreach working in the village in addition to the help of local populations, Isaiah 58 Ministries has been able to help fight domestic violence, hunger, and lack of access to personal care.