What’s New 

Behind the Scenes

Two New Feeding Centers in The Jungle of Peru!! The first in Luz Y Paz, where God has given us 60 amazing children and 23 families in the new Church/Feeding Center there!! We are so excited and blessed! God is moving for those in this community in a mighty way!! 
In March The Lord allowed us to open another church/feeding center in Garcia Peru. This by far is the most impoverished area we have visit. In the swamp lands of Ucayali, Peru on the outskirts of the river The Lord opened our eyes to the little village of Shirley Garcia. A community that has been forgotten. A community with no water, no electricity, no school, no church, and no knowledge of Christ. We are so thankful that God allowed is to be able to share His love through Christ with this amazing people!! We are visiting them soon and can’t wait to update!!